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Email Marketing

Lovely Carpets

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Rawlift Digital created new email capabilities to reach customers to greater effect by means of testing, reporting and development. Our team also increased revenue for the client through A/B testing a phone number in addition to an email header.

Rawlift Digital pragmatically developed a custom, repeatable solution to A/B test any email within Lovely Carpets’ marketing campaigns, encompassing the following:

Establishing an extensive, one year testing roadmap.

Creating a custom, repeatable reporting solution to monitor A/B testing performance.

Introduced proven analysis, design and development solutions for each test campaign.

Rawlift Digital also built an A/B test within our partner’s automated email marketing campaign, with the goal of increasing call volume for a free consultation. The test included a unique phone number in the header to not only track clicks on the phone number but also track direct calls.

Following completion of the test, Rawlift Digital tracked the results in Google Data Studio and calculated the revenue gains based on the phone call goal value.

Introduced an ability to test in order to continually optimise open and CTS actionable insights and recommendations for any new email changes and ensure positive performance results before full implementation. The aforementioned resulted in a 21% increase in open rate on the A/B test with a personalised subject line.

Adding a phone number as part of a call-to-action header resulted in helping web visitors get to where they wanted to go faster (through the introduction of call support rather than filling out a form and waiting to be contacted). The test resulted in an additional 119 calls directly from the email over a 45 day period, and subsequently led to an 11.8% increase in revenue.


Version A

Open Rate


Version A

Conversion Rate


Version B

Open Rate


Version B

Conversion Rate


What Our Clients Say

Here at Rawlift Digital, our marketers, analysts, designers and developers have years of experience in building cost-effective and successful campaigns – so you can be confident that you’re in the best hands.

We're very happy with the work that Rawlift Digital has done. They absolutely met our expectations thank you guys for the great job.

Sam Harris Real Estate Broker

I had a vision of how I wanted the site to function and work and Rawlift digital team took that vision to a finished product in a compressed timeline and did so happily. We plan to continue working with them as our needs change and expand into the future. Thanks

Anne Choi Small Business Owner

Being an interior Architect, style is important in everything that I do. Rawlift Digital implemented a custom website and fantastic photography through their in-house photographer. I continue to use them for new projects.

Harry M. Architect

Highly recommended. Amazing Team. Strongly supportive. Really glad to have them as part of my Business. A huge thank you to all of you who worked on my website and ensure everything is done in a Professional way.

Faye Ramsey Small Business Owner

Top notch design firm! The web designer is wonderful, super responsive, and works hard. Also, the person who initially helped me was patient, courteous and had an impeccable level of professionalism at every level. Pricing was more than reasonable. Overall, I have been very pleased working with Rawlift and I highly recommend them.

Prabi Patel Law Firm Partner

Rawlift Digital took an advanced look at my analytics and helped me to discover where the holes were. Working with Rawlift Digital we were able to increase my ranking on searches and implement the correct coding and tags throughout my site.

Ali Rahman CEO


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